Kulen Vakuf Map v2.1

Kulen Vakuf Map v2.1

Welcome to the Kulen Vakuf Map
To the map
This is a newly constructed Map for LS15 which I would like you Presentiern. The map has a beautiful landscape large and small fields a huge forest and many outlets. On the Map catch man as a small farmer with small but nice truck fleet and can extend up to large farmers high economies so that your operation the main provider of Kulen Vakuf is. This map is Presented by Black Forest Modding Team.

Special features on the map
Wassermod for chickens, cows, sheep, cattle, pigs
Straw power plant
Slurry sale
Mist sale
Goals that are of clock 18:00 bis 06:00 to any but himself can adjust whom it is too annoying in the timeControlledslidingGate.lua / line 63/64.
Wool stock
Food storage
Loading is everything with conveyor belt

Download: Kulen Vakuf Map v2.1 [Uploaded.to]

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