1. Find the Euro Truck Simulator base.SCS file. Navigate to Program Files/Euro Truck Simulator, and inside that you will find the base.SCS file. Copy that file.
  2. Go to My Documents. Find the Euro Truck Simulator folder, and inside that is a folder named “Mod.”
    • Paste the base.SCS file into the Mod folder.
  3. Unzip the new mod files. Find the Euro Truck Simulator mod file with the .RAR extension that you downloaded.
    • Right-click on that, and from the contextual menu, choose 7-Zip.
    • Click the Extract Here button to extract the mod files.
  4. Copy the .SCS files. Select and copy all .SCS files that were unpacked by 7-Zip.
    • Past the .SCSfiles. Return to the Euro Truck Simulator/Mod folder that you pasted the base.SCS file into, and paste the .SCS files for the mod into that same folder.
  5. Start the game—your truck should be modded!